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Choose to experience Supreme Detailing Inc's maintenance detail - which is what other detailers call their 'full detail'.  This high-quality detail could cost you over $100 at other detailing shops.  At Supreme Detailing Inc. you are guaranteed the best service money can buy.  Call us today to schedule your detailing.

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Our philosophy at Supreme Detailing Inc. is that It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Maintenance detail includes:

  • Vacuum all interior and trunk
  • Wipe down all interior plastics and cup holders
  • Wipe down all interior leather if available
  • Shampoo interior floor mats
  • Pre-rinse exterior, including wheel wells, rims, and door jams
  • Hand wash, using 100% wool mitts and our Carnauba infused wash-n-wax soap
  • Clean rims
  • Dress tires and moldings
  • Clean windows in and out
  • Return to a happy and satisfied customer

Have your car looking like new again with the meticulous cleaning and detailing work done by Supreme Detailing Inc.  Call us today at 951-514-7738 to schedule your job or stop by our shop on 24700 Washington St. and use our 24 / 7 self serve car wash.

Supreme Detailing Inc. - Maintenance Detailing - Serving Temecula Valley

Maintenance Detailing - Serving Temecula Valley - Supreme Detailing Inc.
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